Sheetrock Installation and Repair Tulsa

One common question homeowners often ask is about the difference between sheetrock and drywall for both repairs and new projects. The simple explanation is that the term sheetrock is a trademark brand name for drywall, which may also be called gypsum board or wallboard. Regardless of what you have heard it referred to as, there are many reasons you may require sheetrock installation and repair for your Tulsa area home.

Common sheetrock repairs Tulsa homeowners face include:
• Fixing visible tape seams, cracks and nail pops that are often caused as a house settles over time.
• Repairing holes or indents in walls or ceilings that detract from the appearance of the space
• Replacing sheets or sections of the wall as a result of wallpaper removal
• Addressing sections that have become discolored and damaged including exposure to water

You can likely find repair kits to try to fix smaller projects at many home improvement stores, but there are many reasons to consider calling in local sheetrock professionals. Some sheetrock repairs may look simple enough, but can easily move beyond a simple patch, requiring you to carefully cut out sections. If you are replacing sections of the wall, there is a lot of skill needed to create a seamless repair.

Sheetrock that is improperly patched or installed can be an eyesore in your home. For both installation and repair, there are many important steps to achieve a quality result, starting with product selection. Working with an expert can let you select the exact material designed for each space in your home.

Areas with high moisture or below grade can require specialty boards. Minimizing the total number of seams is an important aspect as well as selecting the right thickness for the sheetrock installation in new projects in your Tulsa area home.

For large scale sheetrock installations where several sheets need to be joined together, seams play an important role in the both the difficulty of the project and the finished result. After the installation of the sheets all seams need to be sealed with tape, followed with joint compound or mud over the tape.

The goal of that process is to create the illusion of a seamless wall or ceiling, so the skills of someone experienced with sheetrock installation are essential. Where the wall connects to the ceiling needs to be done extremely well or the errors will be highlighted by paint colors as an uneven line.

One of the most important aesthetic details is deciding on the texture for all of the finished sheetrock which will be visible. For repair jobs, you will need to match to the surrounding areas. Any differences in texture may draw attention to the patched area. One additional choice you will likely have is selecting square or rounded corners.

When you are in need of sheetrock installation or repair at Tulsa area home, contact the thoroughly trained staff of Do It 4 Me Guy for an estimate.