Commercial Drywall Installation and Repair Tulsa

Drywall jobs in retail, restaurant, industrial and office spaces can require expertise beyond residential projects from many reasons. In addition to that advanced skillset, it is important to remember that commercial drywall installation and repair will be a reflection of your Tulsa area business or rental space. The results will likely be seen by your customers or potential tenants, so making a good impression is essential.

With such a wide variety of commercial installations, there are many aspects to consider when calling in a professional. The type of business is one large factor in identifying the specific materials that should be used. For example, many areas of a restaurant are exposed to both heat and moisture so that should be evaluated and factored into product selection.

There are also many differences between residential and commercial drywall installation and repair including the structure of the buildings themselves. With many non-residential spaces using metal studs in the framing, you will need to find a contractor who is familiar with the installation process for commercial properties.

Building codes between residential and commercial projects are another differentiation.

Fire-rated boards represent one area where it is essential to understand the requirements before purchasing materials. This is also time to discuss soundproofing or other concerns. Working with an expert can help guide you through the options on the market today.

Some examples of commercial drywall installation and repair jobs that Tulsa businesses require include:

  • Repairing holes or indents in walls or ceilings. Even with the best maintenance, over time customer traffic or staff moving tables, fixtures or freight can inadvertently create small or large areas that need repair.
  • Fixing visible tape seams, cracks and nail pops that are often caused by settling or errors in previous installations.
  • Installing new drywall for remodels, redesigns or other projects that alter the look of the space.
  • Addressing sections that have become discolored and damaged including exposure to water.

Regardless of the reason for your project, there are some aspects of drywall that are constant in getting a quality end result. This starts with selecting the right materials for each project, and in some cases that can be different sheet types for each area.

For standard jobs, once the materials have been chosen, installation is the next step which will impact the part visible part of the project. Worked with skilled installers includes getting the areas properly taped before the joint compound or mud is installed.

After the area is prepped for finishing, you can select the texture you want in the space. For repairs, matching existing texture can minimize or eliminate any indication of patching. New drywall installation provides the opportunity to select the texture you would like before paint is applied. Specialty materials will likely require different processes.

If you are in need of commercial drywall installation and repair at a Tulsa area property contact the thoroughly trained staff of Do It 4 Me Guy for an estimate.